August 21, 2014

Celebrating 15 years of eBay – what’s your best ever purchase?

This week sees eBay celebrate 15 years in business and things have changed quite a bit in that time.


As Point 6 are feeling a little nostalgic, we thought we’d ask what’s your best ever purchase made on the retail marketplace.

The first UK purchase made on eBay was a CD from German rock group, The Scorpions for £2.89. You’ll remember them as the 80’s icons that sang us through with “Winds of Change” as the Berlin wall came down.

A few Point 6 favourites so far to inspire you to share by commenting below.

“A fabulous vintage designer handbag. The worn leather aged to perfection and still a wardrobe staple, great for every season.”

“A Little Tykes sit on car transporter for my 18 month old son. It was his favourite toy at nursery and was discontinued in stores, so after furious online bidding we won a pre-loved example in great condition. Much loved, cherished and handed on to younger relatives when finally outgrown, it’s still going strong.”

“Beautiful handmade bunting for my wedding. eBay has really revolutionised the way small businesses and craftspeople can market their skills and sell their products.”

“I often use eBay to complete my sizeable Northern Soul vinyl collection. I have ‘won’ some rare treasures online.”

“eBay is a GREAT way to upcycle my wardrobe. Trading old for new or old for older, I have had some great vintage finds as well as new designer clothes still with tags.”

Happy 15th Birthday eBay!


  1. Vijay

    I love eBay for cheap and cheerful ways to refresh my iPhone. Always my first stop when buying a new case or cover for my 3GS.

  2. Jenny

    My first ever purchase were a fine pair of vintage Gina shoes. I love eBay as i’m always looking for that special item I can’t get on the High Street – and thanks to eBay i’m connected to a global market place and always find that special item…

  3. Graham

    Ebay, brilliant!!! I buy and sell a lot. I use it like a Swap Shop – buy something I need and sell something I don’t. Perfect!. The best thing I ever bought?. A 1981 sealed on-the-card Gamorrean Guard Star Wars figure, got it for a steal.

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