September 5, 2014

Back to School insights

This week all over the country, shoes will be shined, shirts ironed and 'first day' snaps taken as the new term begins. For retailers the BTS campaigns, are all but over following the last minute dash for plimsolls and pencils.


Here’s our Point 6 start of term round up of experience and insights. So sit up straight and get your pens out.


Loving learning

Over the summer we’ve been busy building a new website and creating films for the Maria Montessori Institute. Designed to offer insights to prospective parents and teachers wishing to train in the Montessori method, the films appear on YouTube and feature in the new website. We’ve also integrated online payment and application processes as well as creating parent and student only access areas offering training notes and digital materials.

It’s been a joy working with the Montessori team and fascinating to learn more about the unique teaching method. Many of the traditional self discovery principles offer an interesting contrast to the pressures of an ever changing curriculum in traditional schools. Seeing happy, motivated and engaged youngsters learning and having fun, it was great to be able to share this through our work on the website.


Doing the maths

Research published in this week’s Guardian money reports parents will fork out an average of £240 to kit out each of their children with essentials such as clothes, books, stationary and other key items to equip them for the new school term in September – adding up to a staggering £2.5 billion across the UK.

The research, by Santander Credit Cards, also shows costs have increased since last year, when the average parent spent £224 in preparation for the new school year – an above-inflation rise of 7% compared with 2013.


Different traditions

Very first day at school is a big celebration in Germany. ‘Schultüten’ have a sweet tradition: Almost every first grader (97%) gets a ‘cornet’ filled with sweets, stationery and toys to embark the big day and parents spend on average of €60. About half of parents (46%) get creative themselves, whilst 54% buy the finished version. Since the first day of school is very special, half of parents (50%) plan to keep the ‘Schultüte’ as keep sake.


Top ten Schultüten fillers:

1. Sweets – 86 %
2. Stationery, pencil case, lunch box 74 %
3. Toys – 60 %
4. Book and Magazine – 48 %
5. Things of a symbolic nature such as lucky charms – 48 %
6. Cuddly toys – 38 %
7. Music, iTunes voucher – 27 %
8. Fruit and healthy food – 23 %
9. Money – 19 %
10. Clothes – 16 %

Source:, August 2014

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