January 16, 2015

Packaging Design Trends 2015 – Part 2 – Differentiation through design

Week 2 of our 2015 Packaging Design trends see Point 6 Designer Enya Lai explore flavour differentiation through clever design, creative use of colour, copy and even minimalistic packaging that lets the product shine through.


Graphics can help brands build up their image, impression and impact on the consumer’s perception of the product. Creative use of colour can keep your branding visible and communicate range. Let’s take a look at a few examples;

First up are the Holland & Barrett Snack Packs designed by Point 6 shown above. Each design has the same illustration communicating the “word of the bird” or what’s good for you about the product, but differentiation has been achieved through various colour combinations with fun and playful product naming and range messaging.

New candy floss brand Flossy has created a suite of fun, playful designs. Each includes the same illustrated creature, but differentiation has been achieved through various colour combinations and fruit motifs.


A full assault on the senses for maximum stand out is this concept from Jun Yeen Yong for Jooze Fruit Juice cartons – the shape being a slice of the flavoured fruit is a brilliant idea.



Having some fun with the concept, Spanish Agency, Txaber, reimagined beer packaging with a series of Pantone-inspired brews labelled according to the exact colours of the delicious liquids inside the can. Great for design geeks and perfect for ale drinkers who have a darker, lighter or bang in the middle ale preference.


A simpler design, but very effective, embracing sustainability, our trend from last week, and great flavour differentiation through both design and use of clear packaging is show here by artisan producer Proper.


And finally an example from GEO Organics, the colour of the product was the hero of the design. No photo, the simplest of graphics, a clear message, and a single material bring the product’s unique colour & identity to the forefront. Less is most definitely more.



We expect to see many more brands using packaging design to promote the uniqueness of each product in their range in 2015.

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