March 9, 2015

Mums on Facebook – getting social to celebrate Mother’s Day

Every day is Mother’s Day on Facebook, with over 4 million mums on the platform and 88% of them visiting almost every single day.


Research conducted by Facebook has found that mums are among the most engaged and connected people on the platform. In fact, 25% of people in the UK are friends with their mum on Facebook (more than France, Italy, Spain and Germany) – and mums overall have 1.15x more friends than other UK women.

That’s not the only way in which mums are getting more out of Facebook. Compared to other UK women aged 18+ mums post 2x more comments, 1.9x more Page likes, 1.8x more status updates, 1.6x more photos.


Source: Facebook for Business

Mums are also constantly connected, with 12pm to 3pm the most popular time for accessing Facebook in the week, and Mums spending 3x more time on mobile than desktop.

It’s a trend we found both established and emerging brands embracing at the recent Baby Show in London and why our clients such as Philips Avent, TotsBots and Maria Montessori are now focusing much more on digital content and harnessing the power of the online community to engage with busy mums.



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