March 19, 2015

Ultra-pure – the packaging trend for 2015

A continuing trend for 2015 in the packaging design world is minimalism or ‘ultra-pure’ to be more precise. Although this is not a new look, it is featuring more heavily amongst health, beauty and food brands looking for a cutting-edge image.


As a reaction to a growing consumer appetite and appreciation for minimally designed brands, ultra-pure is a trend where companies look to create fuss-free, stripped-back packaging systems and brand environments. The desire for a clean, almost pharmaceutical feel is the focus and is essential to the look.

What differentiates ultra-pure from minimalism is the process of stripping the brand back to the absolute core, its purest form. Exuberant excess is out. Quality and luxury is now perceived in the unadulterated essence of the brand.

The absence of traditional logos is de rigueur, with many brands opting for simple sans serif typefaces such as Helvetica and Futura. Big and bold rules, with oversized dimensions often used over more delicate styling. A key aspect of the brand is often picked using a simple abstract shape to act as a representative. Companies following the ultra-pure trend create a fearless look whilst making a refined statement.

Graphic design principles and elements that help to define this trend include:
• Clean, pure, simple features with stark characteristics
• Minimal word marks replacing the traditional logo
• Geometric shapes, patterns and abstract elements taking centre stage
• Generally no more than two or three colours, more often than not monochromatic
• Materials fluctuating from matte to gloss


Here are a few brands we’ve spotted that typify the ultra-pure trend that we love!



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