March 23, 2017

Celebrating marvellous mothers

Every day our team here at Point 6 are immersed in the very special world of Mother and Baby, through our work with Philips Avent. As we celebrate Mother's Day, here in the UK this weekend, our designer Laura Wong explores the origins of this special day and how to say thank you in style.

Origins and opportunity

Mothering Sunday, is a religious holiday for Catholics and Protestant Christians, falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent. Its origins date to the sixteenth century where people would return to their mother church, gathering flowers on their way to present to either the church, or their own mothers.

Mother’s Day is a special day to honour your mother, motherhood and influential mothers in your life and can vary from country to country. Gifts range from flowers, chocolates, spa days, jewellery, and cosmetic products.

It’s big business too. Research from Mintel shows that in 2015, 60% of Brits spent money for Mother’s Day: almost one third (31%) of Brits bought cards, 29% bought flowers, and 15% bought chocolate gifts. Brits are estimated to have spent over half a billion (£510 million) on products for Mother’s Day in 2015.

Since flowers are the tradition, here is a list of 6 of the best floral gifts to give to your mothers this coming ‘holiday’.

Bloom and wild


Not able to visit your mother this year?

Consider sending her a beautiful box of flowers from Bloom & Wild. She can follow the arrangements using the instructions included, or arrange them herself if she’s a creative type. The flowers can be delivered through your letterbox thanks to its functional (and beautiful) packaging. Larger flowers have a protective cover so that they arrive in perfect condition. The cardboard box with simple black logo print is a fabulous alternative to plastic wrapping.

Photo credit: Bloom & Wild



How gorgeous are these pastel decorated biscuits?!

They’re the perfect accompaniment to putting your feet up with a brew. Although I’m not quite sure how good the biscuits are for dunking… The tin box also has gorgeous illustrations, surely a keepsake box.

Photo credit:

The unique gift store


For all those sweet tooth mothers who just couldn’t give up chocolate for Lent, this is the bouquet for them. Luxuriously decorated with gold Ferrero Rocher’s. If hazelnut isn’t her thing, there are plenty of other chocolate-adorned bouquets to choose from. Perhaps a Cadbury’s Hero is more befitting?

Photo credit: The Unique Gift Store

Fruitful Occasions


Want a more healthy option – how about a fruit bouquet? 

These strawberries are delicately dipped and decorated with nuts. A mixture of milk, white and dark gourmet chocolate. Surely fruit dipped in chocolate wouldn’t be breaking your fast! There are plenty of other fruit-only options to choose from too.

Photo credit: Fruitful Occasions



How about a beautiful laser-cut card to accompany your gift?

Each piece is individually cut, slotted together, and hand-stitched into the card. This technique, of folding and cutting the paper, rather than just folding (Origami), is called Kirigami. Kiru means to cut, and Kami means paper. Traditionally Kirigami is made from one sheet of paper, but these cards tastefully break the rules.

Photo credit: / © Claire Williams



If, like me, you’re yearning for the aroma of sweet baked goods you remember from your own childhood, then this elegant rolling pin will surely push Mum in the right direction. Treat her to a day of baking together like when you were a kid.

Photo credit: Etsy

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