May 14, 2018

Smiling is contagious – especially when it’s National Smile Month

The steady hum of lawnmowers, smoke signals emitting from back gardens (with the faint smell of burnt chicken), and the tinkle of ice cream vans circling (like vultures in white coats).

Finally, It seems like the UK can put the knitwear away, dust off its flip flops, and say hello to that big yellow smiley thing in the sky. Which is just as well, because this month is officially National Smile Month – yes, really. Spanning 14th May – 14th June 2018 and organised by the Oral Health Foundation, it’s the UK’s largest and longest-running campaign to promote healthy teeth for a confident smile.

Here at Point 6, we’ve worked with well-established UK based dental healthcare brand Wisdom for several years. As such, we understand the importance of good oral hygiene and that consumers can have very different concerns. From sufferers of sensitive teeth (whose summer nemesis is Mr. Whippy), to those who need to safely extract that embarrassing stringy bit of salad from their teeth, Wisdom has an extensive range of products that help the nation smile with confidence.

Every product offering is very different to the next. That’s what we really enjoy about getting our teeth stuck into a project with our Wisdom colleagues: communicating the specific product objectives clearly and instantly, in a way that resonates with its audience.

Wisdom have developed everything from the more ‘medical’ products, designed to alleviate and soothe, to products with a ‘cosmetic’ focus, like whitening teeth and removing staining.

For example, if you suffer with sensitive teeth, you could benefit from Wisdom’s new Daily Enamel Repair toothpaste. It contains the same minerals found within enamel itself, repairing the weakened areas to help stop sensitivity. Say ‘ice cream’.

Or maybe you wish your pearly whites were, well, whiter. Wisdom’s UV Pro Whitening Expert Shine range uses professional whitening ingredients to whiten teeth up to two shades whiter in two weeks, all while being gentle on enamel. Say ‘sunscreen’.

Wisdom says ‘Healthy teeth. For life’. We say ‘Healthy partnerships. For the future.’

Now smile!

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