May 16, 2018

Multi-sensory luxury powered by art | The Flipside x Google Pixel 2

The Flipside x Google Pixel 2 was a temporary, multi-sensory exhibition curated by Selfridges and fits into a larger marketing campaign entitled Radical Luxury.

P6 is looking closer than ever into the design trends of the future. Recently some of the team went on a ‘luxury hunt’ after work – and we raised our phones to capture some memorable images of what the meaning of luxury is today and what it will be in the future at The Flipside x Google Pixel 2.

Bringing a space back to life through an art installation

The Flipside was set in what used to be the Old Selfridges Hotel. The space is an “alter-ego” of the department store sitting right next to it. It was wonderful to witness how the selected design brands played with light and shadow in art installations across the space, which created an intimate atmosphere for the journey, whilst inviting the viewer to take photographs and record the different installations.

A dystopian future by BYREDO

BYREDO – the beauty brand that Ben Gorham founded after becoming intrigued by the power of scent in our memories – presented us with a wall made of ‘jerry cans’. These were filled with water and each provocatively labelled with a different country of origin.

His dystopian view of the future is essentially a great way to make us remember that everyday objects and natural resources enter the luxury sphere either by scarcity or by design.

The art of making bespoke cocktails by Mr. Lyan

With an impressive list of cocktail-making awards, Selfridges’ acclaimed bartender Mr. Lyan curated one of our favourite installations at The Flipside, ’The Libationary’.
This extra sensorial cocktail experience had rich storytelling behind it. In an antechamber, three sets of objects were displayed over three tables. Visitors were invited to use their senses to pick the set that they were most drawn to. In the main room, our selection was reinterpreted and transformed into a cocktail tailored to our personal taste.

Louis Vuitton space holiday

Louis Vuitton gave us the opportunity to dream big with their ‘Radical Journey’ installation featuring revolving scenarios of distant planets. LV explored the idea of a luxury holiday of the future, predicting that it’s very likely that we’ll be travelling across space to other planets. LV blended their luxury handbags onto three highly creative landscapes that express luxury as an experience.

The theme of luxury allows for highly creative design and art concepts that have the power to connect us to products, fashion, places and more.

In this art installation, we’ve seen various patterns emerge such as bespoke products, unique experiences, and user-targeted pieces that inspired us and made us feel excited about the future.

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