December 13, 2018

Point 6 Christmas survival guide

Cheap booze, paper hats and an excessively large box of Celebrations in the office… yes, you’ve guessed it, the traditional British festive season is upon us!

It’s the time of year that brings that sense of excitement, festive spirit and, of course, not to forget, that pit of dread building in your stomach at the thought of dodgy dancing and tons of organised fun…

The office Christmas party is simply a series of embarrassing events waiting to happen – mostly induced by drinking too much and saying something you probably shouldn’t have. Perhaps the office Christmas party should be renamed to something more fitting, like: ‘How to potentially get fired’ or… ‘An evening of breaking ties with all fellow work colleagues’?

But does it have to be that way? We think not. Or as our very own Queen Elizabeth might ask: “How does one successfully navigate one’s festive season?”

At Point 6 we consider our Christmas Parties to be noteworthy – and for all of the right reasons! So, here are some of our dos and don’ts – sage advice designed to help you enjoy the holiday season, without worrying that you might have to change jobs in the New Year!


An obvious one, but arguably the most important…

Don’t drink too much!

We know, we know: when presented with vast amounts of free alcohol, with a low-price tag and a high alcohol percentage, it’s hard for a true Brit to not take the bait! But listen, as much as everyone wants to get into that festive spirit – please do not forget you are being watched and are still in the company of your bosses and colleagues. Everyone WILL remember that time you fell over on the pavement and ripped your tights.

The best advice of course – don’t drink at all! You’ll be clean, serene, and so so smug in the morning…

One that goes hand-in-hand with the ‘don’t drink too much’ rule:

Don’t become the centre of office gossip!

We understand that you can get a bit caught up in the excitement of being ‘off the clock’ with the people you spend 90% of your weeks with, but just bear in mind that word travels fast, especially when in an office setting and ESPECIALLY when fuelled by alcohol. You don’t want your deepest darkest secrets shared amongst the people you’ll be meeting at the water cooler on Monday morning now do you?

Instead, why not channel your energy into singing at the top of your voice instead? WHAM! never sounded better than when being shrieked loudly on the Bakerloo line. A chorus of strangled cats on the underground is super-Christmassy right?

Do eat to your heart’s content!

Christmas food. It’s a big responsibility and no-one wants to be the one who didn’t provide enough, so whoever organised the Christmas party has probably over-ordered sausage rolls, breadsticks and general party food.

It’s there to be eaten, ‘it’s all got to go’ and food waste is bad, so do your best statue impression and locate yourself next to the buffet table!

Do enjoy yourself!

As hard as pushing through those social anxieties are and while getting adjusted to the fact that you’re sinking a ridiculous amount of alcohol at 2 pm on a Thursday afternoon is tricky, you might as well relax into it and have a laugh! Whatever you might think of your place of work, they’re providing free food and drink – it can’t be all bad!

But, the biggest ‘do’ of all is this one we heartily recommend…

Do your future self a favour

And make sure there is a cold can of fizzy drink in the fridge, water by the bed and make sure the paracetamol or ibuprofen, (even better in our humble opinion) is close at hand!

Merry Christmas! Have fun, please do drink responsibly and stay safe.


One last thought

Let’s be thankful that we have great friends, safe homes, loving families and supportive colleagues to share the festive season and good times with. We know that not everyone’s so fortunate.

We’re just nine minutes away from London Euston Station, so this year we’re supporting Streets Kitchen, a UK & Ireland grassroots group working to help the homeless community, who helped to put on the #EustonChristmas meal for 200 rough sleepers at Euston Station on Christmas Day 2017.

Learn more about Streets Kitchen, including how to support them by volunteering or donating here:

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