Doreen Werner

Senior Account Manager


About me
Originally from Germany, Doreen has been living in London since 2004. Initially she had planned on working here for a year but fell in love with the UK and decided to stay. In her spare time she goes running a lot and is keen on good movies and books. She also loves writing and says she was able to really improve after completing an online course in creative writing with the continuous learning department of Oxford University. She also travels a lot and heads off to explore new places as often as she can.

Prior to joining us at Point 6, Doreen worked in language schools for eight years, where she gained valuable experience in customer services and dealt with clients from all over the world. She then spent two years working in a food packaging agency with two major discount supermarket brands, where she ran the office and dealt with small and medium sized projects which were both design and non-design related.

In my own words
“I knew I wanted the work for Point 6 the moment I came in for my interview! The atmosphere in the studio is extremely nice and friendly which makes it a really cool place to work. I enjoy being part of the team and my role as a Project Manager allows me to do what I think I do best – organising, liaising and bringing things together.”

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