Sally Forsyth Spark

Managing/Client Services Director


About me
Sally joined Point 6 in 2012 after many years in senior marketing roles with one of the UK’s leading electrical retailers. With a dynamic mix of financial, marketing and account management skills, and experience ranging from corporate rebranding, TV production to retail law, Sally brings a breadth of strategic, management and production experience to Point 6. As Managing/Client Services Director, she provides our clients with senior servicing skills and expert counsel, and the agency with a cool financial head. As a former client herself, she understands the pressures clients face on a daily basis and Sally is here to make sure Point 6 delivers outstanding work, on time and on (or under) budget.

Strategic planning, marketing, account and project management, financial planning, TV, video and animation production, print production, corporate rebranding, retail law.

In my own words
“We work hard to be a key strategic partner to our fantastic clients; not only helping them achieve their immediate goals, but also working with them to bring their brands to the next level. I think it helps that we’re a really friendly and approachable agency, and we’re really proud of the relationships we have with our clients.”

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