Vijay Makwana

Digital Lead


About me
Vijay started his design career producing brochures and literature for trade exhibitions before moving on to newspaper and magazine publications. Working closely with creative, sales and marketing to produce advertising and editorial content. During his time at Point 6, Vijay has worked on numerous digital projects, large and small and developed internal workflow processes for all things digital and print.

Packaging, typography, website design and management, content management systems, e-commerce, email marketing, social media, sourcing new technologies and ways of working to improve design and productivity.

In my own words
“Point 6 has given me the opportunity to work on a wide range of large and small projects, both digital or print. I like to approach each new project with the aim of doing something new – using the latest technologies and processes to make each job fresh and unique, to create something we’d like to add to our portfolio.”

Latest posts

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Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

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