A smart strategy for Smart Cities

Philips Lighting are big – really big – in the exciting world of Smart Cities. But they weren’t after a look-at-us product-led marcoms campaign. They wanted to show understanding and insight on the bigger topics shaping the Smart City landscape.



Targeting the major players

Philips Lighting lives and breathes Smart Cities. Our brief was to position them as experts in this fast-paced industry and help grow their market share.

So we created a user-friendly thought-leadership digital hub, highlighting the topics and trends affecting Smart Cities. The content was aimed at the people spearheading their own Smart City revolutions – senior city officials, IT directors and finance officers.

And we didn’t just provide strategic advice – we got stuck in with the design, content and implementation, working closely with Philips’ Digital Marketing Services Team on the build.



Creating layered content

The digital hub works on three levels.


Level 1:

Focusing on the Smart City trends and top‑level challenges and opportunities, facing cities. There’s little or no reference to Philips, with the emphasis on providing high-valued content like whitepapers, research and insights from industry experts, such as The Economist Research Unit.



Level 2:

Focusing on the technical components that make up the Smart CIty world, including lighting and infrastructure.

Level 3:

Focusing on Philips’ Smart City case studies that bring to life the benefits of a connected city – all backed up by quotes and video testimonials from senior city officials, and metrics on energy and cost savings and enhanced citizen experiences.



Continuing the conversation

A key part of our engagement strategy was around capturing data for an ongoing CRM programme targeted at city officials. The high-value Level 1 content – the white papers and research reports – requires an email sign-up. Which meant we had to deliver top quality design and content in order to convince senior decision makers to hand over their contact details.

But our work doesn’t end there. The campaign is ongoing. Philips is strengthening its reputation in the Smart City world by publishing more high-value content on the Hub, promoting it via email and social media initiatives.