ADDIS do it when we B&Q’d it

Spring is finally in the air. If you're a bit of a clean machine you'll be pleased to hear ADDIS have just stocked out B&Q with a whole new cleaning range and thanks to us, it's all nicely packaged too.

Here’s a bit of background

We were approached by ADDIS, a long-term relationship client of ours, to help them with a range proposal to present to B&Q stores. ADDIS being a reputable manufacturer of household cleaning products do occasionally ‘white label’ their products for other famous names in retail. Of course we were extremely keen to get involved.


So what did we do?

A major part of the proposal process was product selection. We were asked to include 13 products from the ADDIS core cleaning range; mops, buckets, scrub brushes etc. These would then be presented in a choice of colours for selection – retouching team please step up! 13 products, each in 4 colour ways, 52 images later – done!


And how did we do it?

We like to be hands on with projects like this. We visited some B&Q stores to look at packaging, store layout, point-of-sale. How communications worked in store – own-label and brands. The final packaging direction was inspired by elements of B&Q branding, the range needed to immediately look own-label but remain unbranded at the request of B&Q. The solution – you’ll see in store now nationwide.