Healthy on the high street

When invited to redesign and review Holland & Barrett’s packaging for their fruit, nuts, seeds and snacks (FNSS) category, to bring in line with their proposition of ‘The Good Life’, we were more excited than a squirrel finding a fresh stash of nuts and jumped on it!





Household name Holland & Barrett is best known as the purveyors of health foods and supplements on the high street. With over 620 outlets in UK and Ireland (and continually growing), their expertise in all things good for you has had nationwide presence for over 80 years. Their innovative forward-thinking approach means their product portfolio rapidly changes and grows, and so over the years, has become a bit unruly in places and needed house training.



The first thing we needed to look at was the architecture of the categories, to make consumers’ in-store navigation intuitive and easy. It was also essential that this new category structure is future-proof, so new products can easily be added and ranges extended. By developing a broader, yet softer and more natural colour palette, the packs are more reflective of Holland & Barrett’s friendly helpfulness. To build-upon ‘The Good Life’, we developed a category naming structure to support this and further aid navigation.




All packs were previously branded as ‘Neals Yard’, yet this was devaluing the strong authoritative Holland & Barrett brand and was a confusing sub-layer for many consumers. Extensive consumer research has supported the decision to revert back to the Holland & Barrett branding and this, along with our more informative and playful designs, 9 out of 10 consumers prefer Holland & Barrett’s new look packaging.



We are currently working closely with the Holland & Barrett team to ensure we can utilise their existing processes, whilst optimising and achieving all our objectives. Meanwhile, jumping the queue, we have designed an impulse line of small snack bags for on-the-go snacking and lunchbox fillers to meet a demand which Holland & Barrett had identified but not addressed. The six small but perfectly formed snack packs went into stores in June 2014 and they were snaffled up by consumers, exceeding sales expectations.


“We are delighted with the fresh new look Point 6 have developed for this key merchandising category and are confident that our customers will respond positively to the new range of 300 lines. Bringing in Point 6 to work in partnership with the specialist branding team here at Holland & Barrett has worked so well, we have been really impressed with their strategic approach, creative flair and passion. Now that Point 6 has joined the ranks of Holland & Barrett preferred agencies, we look forward to developing future projects with the team.”

Emma Hobbs, Group Brand Manager, Holland & Barrett



This juicy project has covered the full range of our services; starting with a strategic review of the market, competitors and customer insight, through to mapping out the range architecture with a clear, appealing design, naming, copywriting and giving that bird on the front something informative to talk about, we’ve loved every nutty minute of it!

Our production team continues to work hand in hand with the factory to ensure the materials, ink and even glue in the packaging meet EU regulations and Holland & Barrett’s high ethical standards.