Illuminating stadiums the Philips way

There’s just something about live events. The energy. The edginess. The not knowing what’s coming next. And a massive part of that unique atmosphere is the lighting. Our brief was to convey the game-changing experience of Philips’ ArenaVision stadium lighting system.


Wow-factor design for wow-factor technology

Multi-purpose sports and entertainment venues are unique spaces. The players, performers, fans, sponsors, media, broadcasters – everyone’s looking for something different. And that’s where ArenaVision delivers. It enables venues to create world-class environments and offer truly immersive experiences for all.

Telling the story of an awe-inspiring lighting system meant coming up with high-impact web designs and visuals that did ArenaVision justice. We designed an attention-grabbing, easy-to-navigate landing page, using powerful photography and sharp infographics.




Getting all social

No engagement campaign is complete without social media. So we created a raft of social assets to complement the messaging and imagery, for activation on Twitter and LinkedIn, to drive traffic to the landing page.

Creating powerful sales tools

The engagement package continued with the design, development and copywriting for a PowerPoint deck. The snappy, copy-light sales tool uses stunning visuals and graphics to capture the system’s features and technical specs.

And to round things off, we also created live event marketing materials, including pop-up banners.