Reinventing the workplace

Smart buildings open their doors, hatches and huddles to a future focused work force. Illuminated, integrated and intelligent: Reinventing the workplace is a white paper written by Jonathan Weinert of Philips Lighting. It offers an in-depth exploration of workspace trends and predictions.

Getting creative with the content

Working closely with the team at Philips Lighting, we delved deep into the content and created six separate part works. We reached out to key individuals and companies across the globe to enrich the content that makes up the thought leadership piece.

Web, social assets, printed brochure and PDF chapters created for the project.

Photo credits: Philips Lighting / Kontainerville / Getty Images


All about the timing

The future focused content wasn’t the only thing looking ahead. We released the first of the part works to coincide with the World Green Building Council’s World Green Building Week 2016, and kept the momentum going with regular ‘go-live’ dates for each of the web pages.





Building an audience

Philips Lighting has already identified four key drivers in changing the workplace: Green buildings, Connectivity, Health and wellbeing and Engagement and experience. We matched each chapter with its special area of interest.

Using social assets for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, we nudged people from all directions towards the Smart Buildings study. After editing the content to create top-level web pages, we also offered a downloadable PDF.

We worked with contributors across the globe who quickly shared links and images.


“Thank you again for your very fine work on this Smart Buildings piece – it’s really beautiful and I’m happy to have it in print. I’m proud of us!”

Jonathan Weinert, Content Developer at Philips Lighting and Author of ‘Illuminated, integrated and intelligent: Reinventing the workplace’


Read all about it

The full works were compiled into a 92-page book, giving the content the gravitas it deserved. Finishing with a soft touch laminate meant that we got the most out of the medium, giving the reader some tactile enjoyment, as well as a feast for the eyes and mind.


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