Philips Respironics Sleep Support Service

The work done by the Sleep Support Service is absolutely amazing and inspirational. They support people who suffer from OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnoea) by monitoring therapy compliance remotely and giving patients ongoing support over the phone.



We spent many weeks doing in-house research on topics associated with the condition, and we also researched the NHS landscape and relevant language. We mapped out the whole process before travelling to Bradford Royal Infirmary NHS Trust in Yorkshire, UK to film and interview clinicians and patients.

During our interviews, we learnt a great deal and heard many stories from OSA sufferers – sometimes sobering, but often with a happy ending. What drove us most was knowing that at the end of the experience, we would be able to create a tool, using targeted and meaningful design, to help clinicians understand the support available to them as they help their patients cope with OSA.



Once the value proposition was agreed, we first worked on a ‘Patient Welcome Pack’. We had learnt during our research that people with OSA are usually extremely tired and often have poor eyesight, so with this in mind, we used bigger copy, clear and friendly tone of voice, infographics and pictures to keep it simple and inviting for patients.




We then moved on to build the Sleep Support Service tablet presentation, an interactive iPad sales tool. The brief was to create an engaging presentation that would work as a hub for the sales team to use. We were asked to humanise the service as much as we could and to talk in a different way, which was ‘less clinical and dry, but still serious’. To tackle this big mission, Point 6 collaborated with some of our talented friends: the photographer Vanessa Champion and filmmakers and editors Jonathan Warner and Simon Drew.



“When developing a value proposition for our Sleep Support Service, Point 6 took the time to understand our needs and the needs of our customers. This 12 month project challenged us all, but Point 6’s passion and perseverance has resulted in a value proposition and interactive tablet presentation that gives our service a strong identity and clear positioning.”

Teri Challier, Marketing Manager and Kara Slaney, Product Manager