Struben – reflecting a rich family heritage

When the fledgling luxury chocolate brand Struben appointed us as the agency to develop their identity we were hugely excited (not least because of the free samples).

Journey of discovery

We delved deep into the rich heritage of the Struben family for inspiration and discovered an enduring spirit of adventure and pioneering, which started with the Struben brothers leading South Africa’s first gold rush in the late 19th century, and it is still evident today. We let this spirit lead our creative process, determined to make it shine through in our design work.


A 360º approach

What started off as a brief to develop Struben’s wordmark and packaging quickly grew into a project that covered all aspects of a major launch. This ranged from initial research, identity design, strategy, packaging and portfolio architecture, exhibition design, marketing material and a multi-lingual website to boot. We delivered on the finest of details – even designing the mold for the chocolates.

Joining the 21st century

For the packaging solution, we created an eye-catching collection of 24 ‘Connoisseur Cubes’ segmented into three ranges – Origins, Blends and Plantations. Each cube was designed to reflect its own unique taste and story. The use of gold embossing, duotones and spot UV varnish helped to create a sophisticated look for this premium product.


The centuries old Struben crest, symbolising the family’s values of discovery and adventure, was refined and simplified to allow it work in a small format whilst retaining its original character.


Struben goes global

A successful launch at ISM, Europe’s largest confectionary show, saw the Struben Connoisseur Chocolate Collection creating real excitement as well as gaining new distributors. Since then there has been continual growth both online and in stores internationally and Struben looks set to become a major player in the luxury confectionary market.