A fresh start for fruit snacking

The hugely successful Chinese brand Premium Farm wanted help breaking into the UK healthy snack market with bags of their freeze-dried fruits. We got stuck in developing a tasty identity for the range.

Before Point 6 redesign


Food and drinks producer from Qingdao in China, Premium Farm have a range of freeze-dried fruits they sell in snack bags to the Chinese market. How do they break into the UK market? Certainly not with their current packaging. Nameless and looking decidedly low-end.


We researched the market and identified a more premium positioning opportunity for their brand in the UK. These freeze-dried ‘crisps’ are just fruit with nothing added. You will probably already be familiar with their products in cereals such as Kellogg’s Special K.

To connect with consumers looking for a healthy new snack option, we developed a completely new visual and verbal brand identity to explain the purity of the product in a playful and innocent way.


“As a Chinese brand entering the UK, we wanted to work with an agency that would understand our home market as well as the UK opportunity. Point 6 was a perfect cultural fit from the start and they approached our brief with intelligence, passion and creativity. Not only were we delighted with the results, we were delighted with the experience of working with them.”

Razina Saleh – UK Sales Manager, Premium Farm



Say hello to the gang. They’re a lot of fun and here at Point 6 we loved every minute working with them. From research and understanding (lots of product testing was involved here!), to establish a brand positioning, then develop the brand identity through naming, copywriting, illustration and finally, the packaging design.



The UK brand identity and packaging tested so well with retailers in the UK that the Chinese team are looking to adopt it as a new brand in China – an example of our ‘same but different’ thinking.