Sally’s lockdown wisdom

Our first lockdown Q&A is from Sally – our Joint MD and Client Services Director.

The extent of the Covid-19 crisis took us by surprise. As we know, the pandemic continues to be a time of personal tragedy for many and a time of unprecedented change for all of us – not least because home working to help #staysafe (assuming we still had jobs) wasn’t something most of us would have even considered as a possible future pre-lockdown.

So as people, companies and countries adjust to ‘the new normal’, and with the UK only recently starting to ease lockdown, some the Point 6 team have taken time to reflect on our last few months. The thinking: if we can learn from our experiences – share some unexpected positives, some life hacks, then maybe we can all go forward stronger, better than before.

Point 6 Designer Brad wrote 14 questions. We challenged ourselves to answer them.

Illustration: Point 6

Has your routine changed and what are you doing now?

It has! Rarely wearing shoes; eating garlic pretty much with EVERYTHING (social distancing means no-one to notice); yoga/walk or cycle before work (and once the rules changed, afterwards too). No need for an alarm – amazing!

Since we now spend more time at home than ever before, what have you been doing with extra time in your day?

Having a bath instead of a shower every day (bliss). Getting to chill out more with my partner; playing music (piano) more and yes, doing those things around the home that I never got around to – touching up paint, organising a room, practising the Theremin…

What would you say has been the silver lining in your experience so far?

Getting in touch with the seasons and (on the home front) slowing down – spending time over meals, walking and really noticing the countryside where I live.

How have you adjusted to lockdown, what tips and tricks have you come up with or applied to help yourself or others?

Definitely have a routine, and switch on and off work on the dot – working from home can make work drift into the whole of the day which isn’t healthy.

Get up to speed with the tech ASAP. Always check to see whether you’re on mute! Know where the Leave button is so you can exit a meeting without faffing around for everyone to see!

As a creative, have you been inspired, got inspired or done something creative? And what/why during your time.

Learning a JS Bach sonata on the piano – it’s one that sounds beautifully simple but is in fact fiendishly hard.

Are you having isolation experiences?

Connecting with friends far more than before, and we always use a video app now. It’s nice just having a natter rather than an special occasion to catch up. It’s been really lovely. I’ve been doing lots of yoga classes – from existing tutors but also new ones. And joining my partner’s classes – he was part way through a yoga teacher training course so that’s come in handy!

Loving the work pub quizzes on Zoom too. 

Digital life fails, things that made you laugh and frustrations?

“You’re on mute” has become the mantra of the lockdown! 

Connections freezing during yoga classes ALWAYS happen when in the middle of a really hard posture, when you’re upside down and can’t see the screen – so you end up holding a posture for AGES before realising the connection’s gone! So I guess tech IS good for the core…

People who have video calls with a huge window behind them without shutting the curtains. YOU’RE IN SILHOUETTE! THIS IS CREEPY!

The good, the bad and the ugly?

Good: better (and more) sleep; appreciating the quiet of the countryside (apart from the birdsong, obvs).

Bad: people WILL judge your surroundings on a video call!

Ugly: realising that having the time to have a ‘weekend’ breakfast everyday led to an extra 4,500 calories being eaten over the first 9 weeks (thank goodness for all the extra exercise otherwise I wouldn’t have got through the door). 

If you had to visualise your covid19 as a brief to an artist, how would you describe it?

For the first month or so it was clear blue skies, no jet streams or clouds, green leaves, masses of bluebells and buttercups.

What have you discovered about yourself during this time?

That I needed more sleep than I thought!

Have you discovered things you didn’t know before?

  • Zoom isn’t just an ice lolly from the ’70s.
  • How absolutely BRILLIANT our trade body, the DBA (Design Business Association) has been in supporting business owners.
  • That in a crisis people are more honest about how things are going, and are generally happy to talk.
  • I’ve discovered quite a lot about people’s taste in wallpaper. Not always good.
  • It really IS possible to work from home but…
  • …I really MISS the buzz of the studio
  • Watching theatre performances on TV is sometimes amazing, but sometimes you REALLY had to be there (One Man and Two Guvnors, I’m looking at you…).
  • It takes more time than you think to make a mask…

Have you done any ‘good’ during this crisis?

Buying from local businesses (food and hardware shops) rather than supermarkets/chains. That’s it. Am I a ‘bad’ person?

What was your home life like before and what’s it like now?

Before: limited weekday time with my partner as I had a just-under-3 hours a day commute. This was just normal though until…

After: so much more time together! Out of something awful something good has happened.

What have been your top 3 highlights so far?

1) Seeing first the bluebells then the rest of the flowers emerge and flourish in the amazing weather we’ve had over the last few months.

2) The absence of background noise (planes, trains, cars, construction) allowing the birdsong to be heard.

3) No alarm clocks.

Thank you for sharing your experiences Sally!

Here at Point 6, we consider ourselves perceptive partners. That means we listen as much as we talk, think outside the box, and work hard to find the very best solutions at all times. Even in a crisis.

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