Helen’s lockdown wisdom

Our second lockdown Q&A is from Helen – Creative Artworker.

In the week after the UK lurched back from lockdown via the mixed blessing of ‘Super Saturday’, we hear from one of our newest recruits. Helen joined us just before lockdown and hasn’t been back to our studio space since meeting some of the team during her second interview in March 2020. Like most of the design world, we’ve been working and collaborating via Teams and Zoom!

And if you’re new to our ‘lockdown wisdom’ idea – Point 6 Designer Brad devised the idea and wrote us 14 questions to tease out what we learnt during lockdown that would be worth sharing. We challenged ourselves to answer them.

Illustration: Point 6

Has your routine changed and what are you doing now?

Shortest commute ever from my bed to my desk (a total of 10 steps!). Getting to spend more time on preparing breakfast and lunch has been a treat in itself. Checking on my brother every few hours to make sure he’s doing his schoolwork. He once decided to take his lunch at 11am and when I say lunch, I mean just playing his computer games.

Since we now spend more time at home than ever before, what have you been doing with extra time in your day?

Getting to finally stick to my workout schedule now that not having enough time is not an excuse. Picking up past hobbies where I left off with virtual guitar lessons and baking. I have been trying to perfect a particular bread recipe since Easter and have been trying out various fillings!

What would you say has been the silver lining in your experience so far?

Getting to spend so much time with my family and really enjoying each other’s company. When I was living in London, I would only see them every few months so it’s nice to all sit round the dinner table again for every meal.

How have you adjusted to lockdown, what tips and tricks have you come up with or applied to help yourself or others?

Having a routine and dressing for a positive mindset. I still put perfume and jewellery on like normal even if I don’t leave the house, to make myself feel ready for the day. 

Having days away from the screen to have a proper break and enjoy the simple things like taking long walks and reading good books.

As a creative, have you been inspired, got inspired or done something creative? And what/why during your time.

I have never been good at drawing, but I have been inspired by various artists on Instagram and thought I’d give it a go. Following step by step tutorials, my sketch book is now full of flowers.

Are you having isolation experiences?

Starting a new job in isolation has definitely been an experience! Although there are definitely challenges, I am grateful for all the support. It’s funny how bonds can form through the internet and I can’t wait until we can all meet in person.

Digital life fails, things that made you laugh and frustrations?

  • When you don’t realise the connection has dropped and you keep talking for ages when the other person can’t hear you.
  • Webcam freezing on the most unflattering position/ angle.
  • When your computer is so old that it doesn’t allow you to use the virtual background feature on Zoom.

The good, the bad and the ugly?

Good: Having more time to spend with my family.

Bad: The easy access to the snack cupboard my mum always keep fully stocked.

Ugly: DIY haircuts, hoping no one notices my wonky fringe.

If you had to visualise your covid19 as a brief to an artist, how would you describe it?

Computer being the window to the outdoors, ordinary experiences and connections.

What have you discovered about yourself during this time?

That I used to spend so much money eating out and can definitely cut back! As an introvert, I miss social interaction more than I thought I actually would…

Have you discovered things you didn’t know before?

Even if you think you have followed a recipe carefully, things don’t always come out as planned…

Have you done any ‘good’ during this crisis?

Nothing extraordinary but sticking strictly to the government guidelines even though I miss my friends and extended family 🙁

What was your home life like before and what’s it like now?

Before: I used to have a set routine I stuck to every workday that I never broke away from. Leaving my house the same time every day, knowing exactly how long it took me to walk into the office, cooking and showering at the same time every evening, how long I would allow myself to watch tv and when I’d go to bed etc.

After: it’s nice to have more freedom with my time and be spontaneous about different things I feel like doing that day.

What have been your top 3 highlights so far?

1) Improving my guitar skills (Stepping up from being really really bad to not as bad)

2) Going for walks with my little brother (considering he would never go for walks with me before the lockdown)

3) Introducing my mum to RuPaul’s Drag Race and watching it together every Saturday

Thank you for sharing your experiences Helen!

Here at Point 6, we consider ourselves perceptive partners. That means we listen as much as we talk, think outside the box, and work hard to find the very best solutions at all times. Even in a crisis.

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