Brad’s lockdown wisdom

Our third lockdown Q&A is from Brad, Designer.

This week the UK government announced the introduction of compulsory mask-wearing in shops from July 24th 2020, indicating that we’re in no way free of Coronavirus yet. Our third interview is with Brad – who we know rigorously observed lockdown rules and who devised this blog theme.

And if you’re new to our ‘lockdown wisdom’ idea – Point 6 Designer Brad devised the idea and wrote us 14 questions to tease out what we learnt during lockdown that would be worth sharing. Here he challenges himself to answer them.

Illustration: Point 6

Has your routine changed and what are you doing now?

I started the WFH in comfy trousers and a t-shirt and now, I mostly dress almost smart casual to help trick my brain and encourage better posture and mental attitude towards working. I enjoy being able to cook a delicious meal at lunch in an oven and not having to re-heat chicken in the microwave. I’m also saving a lot of time getting ready in the morning and wake up somewhat more naturally, especially with the lighter mornings.

Since we now spend more time at home than ever before, what have you been doing with extra time in your day?

I’ve found the experience fairly exhausting mentally and physically. Given the restrictions on gyms, I’ve gone back to running, and amazed myself I can still run far, without doing it regularly. It’s a great opportunity to clear my head, when I needed. I’ve been enjoying the evenings final hour of sunshine before it disappears by going for walks to the park and enjoying sitting in the garden after work. I’ve even been able to organise and give myself a better environment to life and work in. The extra time is giving me more ‘me’ time rather than seeing friends and travel-time.

What would you say has been the silver lining in your experience so far?

I think the experience has allowed me to experience what some people go through daily or regularly, with regards to mental health and well-being. Being in this immersive and unique experience has heightened many things for me and allowed me to connect with friends who have struggled previously and has allowed myself to adapt, what was my normal mind set, to a new one. It has allowed me to become more reflective, which has contribute to my wellbeing and to others around me. I’ve enjoyed the amazing weather we’ve had and found new methods of activities and things to-do which I’ve not allowed myself to-do for a long time. Most of us try to understand mental health and give acknowledgement to others around us who may not have their balance, but I find often until it’s close to home or experienced ourselves we don’t truly understand.

How have you adjusted to lockdown, what tips and tricks have you come up with or applied to help yourself or others?

  • Be a bit selfish, treat yourself as if you would normally. Whether it’s a cheeky ASOS order or take away. 
  • Try and reach out to others, create a loose routine to ensure you speak to friends and family often.
  • Don’t be hard on yourself, now isn’t the time.
  • Wine with dinner?… its deserved – stay at home!
  • Reset your workspace after the day, especially if it’s in a personal space. Turn it back to the lounge or bedroom afterwork.
  • Avoid staying in the same room all day, go out or other rooms to give your senses a different environment.

As a creative, have you been inspired, got inspired or done something creative? And what/why during your time.

I have been inspired by re-decorated my bedroom, filling in any cracks, painting from edge to edge and even artist brushing to get that refined clean finish. Which in turn has given me a better sleeping and working environment. It was extremely tedious and exhausting but I’m enjoying the space a lot more. I also have been painting tiles with acrylic paints which is something I’ve never done. I was inspired by one of our copywriters artistic talents.

Are you having isolation experiences?

Thursday is theatre night – which means a bottle of red wine, toffee popcorn and national theatre on YouTube. I LOVE Thursdays! I create a mini cinema experience in a dark room and just watch the performance as if I was there or in a screening, with the luxury of pausing for ‘hydration’ and toilet breaks and not missing the performance. Sunday is quiz night with friends, which is always a reminder I hold very little ‘common’ knowledge. Who knew crows has 4 stomach compartments! 

Digital life fails, things that made you laugh and frustrations?

  • “Can you see my screen?”
  • “Is it your Wi-Fi or mine?”
  • “Oh you’ve frozen again.”
  • “Hello…. Is your camera on?”
  • Realising it takes more than 1 minute to access a Zoom meeting as you need login and passwords.
  • Ensure you have a semi tidy background for video calls, or just turn the screen.

The good, the bad and the ugly?

The good: I’ve enjoyed creating a better environment for myself whether gardening or decorating, it’s all an investment in the area you’re spending your time. Be proud of it.

The bad things I’ve noticed is it takes a situation like Covid-19 to make people appreciate the things they have. Whether that’s holding value to the tireless workers within the NHS and other public services, which are often overlooked and treated poorly are now recognised for their hard work. I just hope that continues, when demand from Covid drops, but general demand returns. Also the people who let their ‘survival’ instincts overrule their humanity at the beginning, hoarding and buying all the food, meaning others have struggled to have anything.

The ugly: is Ugly drinks. An American founded drinks company. Ugly is a beverage company which has made delicious Flavoured Sparkling Water. With no sugar, sweetener and no calories. So basically nothing artificial. They sent me a crate of delicious water when Covid kicked off, to help boost spirits for me and my housemates when some lost their jobs, got furloughed or needed a pick me-up. I responded to a social media post and we have refreshing drinks in just a few days. It was great! #theuglytruth. Now it’s my new regular afternoon hydration stop, better than a slab of chocolate.

If you had to visualise your Covid-19 as a brief to an artist, how would you describe it?

An invisible invasion. Bright and cheerful weather but don’t be fooled by the danger, chaos and fear shadowing the reality.

What have you discovered about yourself during this time?

That I used to spend so much money eating out and can I’ve discovered, every single person is going through a unique experience. No experience is the same and yet we are all going through the journey together. It’s the small things that help others and it’s important to spread joy and thoughts during hard times. Not only does it help them, but also yourself. Positivity is viral. 

Have you discovered things you didn’t know before?

I’ve discovered a lot of the neighbourhood in which I live in. Lovely roads, beautiful properties, perfect shops for Italian goods a beautiful giant park (good running route) as it’s 4 miles away!

Have you done any ‘good’ during this crisis?

I’ve baked for my housemates (sugar is happiness), I’ve brought a friend a present online and got it delivered to their house. It was just a little ‘thinking of you, hope you’re ok’ gift.

I’ve also done run 5, donate 5 and nominate 5 which was to help raise money for the NHS during Covid-19.

What was your home life like before and what’s it like now?

We’ve gone from being out all the time and ships in the night, to seeing each other constantly but trying to keep a sense of ‘personal space’ now we are all at home. The weekend beer pong and BBQs helps drum up some competition and fun.

What have been your top 3 highlights so far?

1) Having my birthday in isolation

2) Growing grass from seeds – my lawn is glorious and SO green!

3) Being able to spend time with my immediate family for the first time in 8 months

Thank you for sharing your experiences Brad!

Here at Point 6, we consider ourselves perceptive partners. That means we listen as much as we talk, think outside the box, and work hard to find the very best solutions at all times. Even in a crisis.

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