Agency vs in-house: which is the best for your business?

What’s the difference between hiring an in-house team or an external agency for your marketing or creative projects?

Heads up: we’re an agency. So straight off the bat, we’re going to vote that hiring an agency is the better choice (obviously). This isn’t going to be a BBC-type unbiased article that stays firmly impartial. Nope. Agency FTW.

What does in-house even mean?

An in-house team consists of direct company employees. They work on your marketing or design projects exclusively, meaning they gain an in-depth understanding of your brand. Because they’re your colleagues, they likely work closely with you, meaning an easy back-and-forth is possible.

Sounds great!

Well, sure — all of this can be a huge benefit. But one downside is that it’s unlikely you’d find one person to do all of the roles — designer, account manager, artworker — so you’d have to hire an entire team. Whether this works for your business really depends, but for a lot of small to medium-sized companies, it’s not really an option.

Actually, even larger companies (as some of our clients will attest) benefit from hiring an agency. Often, employees can be too internally-focussed, lacking the ability to take a step back and see the bigger picture. Having a fresh, outsider perspective can make a world of difference, especially for your creative briefs.

And although hiring an agency might seem more expensive at first glance, it can actually work out cheaper. For example, you don’t need to buy any software, tools, or training, as the agency already have everything they need. Plus, their time is so carefully allocated, you only pay for the exact hours spent on your project.

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What about agency downsides?

Everything in life has pros and cons, like food that tastes incredible but is really bad for you, or that handsome guy from your gym who picks his toenails. So, in the name of balance, we’ve addressed some of the common concerns about hiring an agency:

They have too many clients! They won’t prioritise us!

We can only speak for ourselves here, but sure, there are times when we’re juggling a few things at once. However, that’s what our expert account managers are for: managing everyone’s time. For example, they make sure that the designer has the afternoon blocked out to work solely on your project. Plus, when you brief us, we’ll give you a reasonable timescale, so you know when to expect. Need something quickly? We’ll do our best — you might be surprised how speedy we can be.

It will take too long to get familiar with our brand!

It’s true – it will take us some time to get fully immersed in your world. But it would be the same for a new in-house employee. And once we have that knowledge, we have it for life; it can be passed down onto new agency staff. Also, remember that it is literally our job to get to know our clients’ industries. We’ve done this before, so we know what we’re doing. In fact, we’re brand experts; we help manage brands for selected clients, and a huge part of this is getting stuck in.

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We won’t have control of our content – they will! 

This one is plain and simply not true. You own your content, not us, even though we made it.

So — there you have it. Agencies are the best. In fact, drop us a line and see for yourself!

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