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Happy Earth Day, one and all! 🌎 Since 1970, the @earthdaynetwork organisation has been campaigning for change, inspiring over a billion people to take action and enlisting the help of more than 75,000 global partners in the process. Its mission is to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide. This year’s theme is #RestoreTheEarth. Unfortunately, we’ve reached the point where enough damage has been done already. The time for change was yesterday... so if we’re to enjoy tomorrow, we need to act today. #RestoreTheEarth is a call on our world leaders to drive climate action and put the policies in place that will ensure future generations still have a beautiful, green and plentiful planet to call home. Earth Day aims to unite the world’s brightest minds, and has been running a variety of discussions and performances throughout this week to raise awareness around emerging green technologies. Let’s not be the generation that does too little, too late. Visit the Earth Day website to discover how you can get involved; the link is in our bio. #earthday #restoreourearth #climateaction

This beautiful Earth we live on... well, it turns out we only get one of them, so we'd better start looking after it better! 🌎❤️ We try to do our bit, here at Point 6. We’re refurbishing the office with LED lighting and only using green energy to power it. We’re also making little differences like buying stationery made from recycled paper and using refillable fountain pens to cut out as much plastic as possible. A flexible return to the office will reduce commuting, too, it all helps! But there’s always more to be done, and with Earth Day on the horizon, there’s no better time to get involved. The @earthdaynetwork website has lots of great ideas that you can either do individually or as a group or community; link in bio 🌱 #EarthDay #RestoreOurEarth #ClimateAction

In the UK, it’s easy to take the NHS for granted — but imagine this last year without it? We’re lucky, especially when you consider that at least half of the global population *does not* receive the health services they need. For many, the cost of healthcare is the barrier, with around 100 million people pushed into extreme poverty each year because of out-of-pocket spending on health.  Quality health care is good for our health, good for economies and good for society. Let’s call on world leaders to make health for all a reality! #WorldHealthDay #HealthforAll #NHS

Happy Easter from Point 6! 🐣 We love this time of year, the crisp spring air… the warmer weather and brighter evenings. Not to mention the Easter eggs and four-day Bank Holiday weekend! What’s your favourite part of the Easter break? • #easter #happyeaster

You may have noticed that, here at Point 6, we don't need an excuse to talk about waffles. But lo and behold, the universe has given us one anyway! To mark our favourite occasion, International Waffle Day, we've served you up our latest Creative Waffle round-up. Enjoy! Link in bio 🧇💫 • #InternationalWaffleDay #CreativeWaffle

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