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🚨GIVEAWAY ALERT🚨 Chocolate has always been a staple for Valentine’s day and this year is no exception. We thought there was no better way to share the love than with two custom Point 6 Tony’s Chocolate bars (sharing is optional 😉🍫🍫) For a chance to win: ♥️ Follow @point6design ♥️ Tag your Valentine below ♥️ Reshare the post on your stories and tag @point6design and @tonyschocolonely_uk_ire for a bonus entry ✨ Winner will be announced the next Thursday 18th February ✨ Not familiar with Tony’s? Not only do they make some of the best chocolate around, but they’re on a mission: to make 100% slave-free chocolate the norm. Find out how you can get involved via the link in our bio. • #valentinesday #14february #sweetvalentine #love #chocolate #sweet #competition #giveaway

Gong hei fat choy / Gong xi fa cai! 🎉 On behalf of everyone at Point 6, we wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year. Go and be the strong, determined ox we all know you are! 🐂 Let us know what your Chinese Zodiac animal is in the comments below 👇 • #chinesenewyear #yearoftheox

We’re sorry (not sorry) to brag, but our designers are tremendously talented. When they’re not delivering top-notch work for our clients, they’re creating exceptional illustrations for our social media channels. Using our colour palette and graphical language with aplomb, our Instagram feed is worth a follow just for the artwork alone! • #point6design #branding #illustration #design #designinspiration

Our Point 6 pattern takes pride of place across all of our branding. Abstracted from our custom logo font, it allows us to be playful with shapes and create interesting backgrounds for presentations — and our social illustrations, of course! • #point6design #branding #colour #pattern #design

Whether it’s a long-form blog post or a quick comment, anywhere that has words features our chosen typeface: Circe. The rounded design gives off a friendly vibe — matching our new logo and our company values perfectly! • #point6design #branding #typeface #typography #design

From the pop of vibrant Canyon to the sturdy, imperial Steel, each shade of our new colour palette complements the others beautifully. And we can’t help noticing that Pantone’s two Colours of the Year 2021 are suspiciously similar to two of ours... (We didn’t choose the trendsetter life; it chose us!) • #point6design #branding #design #colour #identity

Back in the heady days of 2019, everything was right with the world — except we needed a new look. So, what better place to start than with our logo? We designed a custom font to form the basis of our super versatile logo, transforming it into a dynamic animation for our homepage, or a readable icon for social. Paired with our bright Aqua tone, it helped elevate our branding from fussy to fresh! • #point6design #rebranding #design #logo

So you’ve opened all the presents, you’ve eaten all the turkey, and you’ve drunk all of the Buck’s Fizz/sherry/mulled wine (delete as appropriate). Now it’s time to grab the Quality Street, curl up on the sofa and watch (or snooze through) your favourite Christmas film. Can’t be together with family this year? Try Teleparty. Compatible with a range of streaming services, it allows you to sync up your film with someone else so you can watch at the same time. No matter how far away you all are, there is always a way to stay connected. MERRY XMAS FROM POINT 6!

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