Helping a luxury brand find its place in the market Ette & Harr

Can a luxury brand be successfully launched in a testing economic climate?

Ette + Harr is a fledgling online retailer of beautifully designed men’s scarves and pocket squares, that are 100% silk and made in the UK.

From an original idea that came to him in a dream to a unique brand poised to entertain and disrupt – here’s how we helped to translate a founder’s vision into reality, from branding through to packaging and online retail presence.

How we’ve helped

  • Conducted client workshops to understand the brand and product range, identify the target audience and establish brand territory
  • Created and refined brand identity
  • Developed typographic solution
  • Created ecommerce website
  • Designed packaging suitable for gifting and postage


Available exclusively online, we needed to create a brand experience that would convey sophistication, style and desirability, and a website with the ability to convert browsing into sales. This would involve establishing and developing a brand identity, followed by product packaging and a website that reflected the products’ raison d’être: ‘to encourage bravado and individuality.’ 


In a crowded market where identity is paramount, brand positioning was key to this project. We conducted several workshops with the client to explore the thinking behind the brand and product range, identify the target audience and establish a clear brand territory. It was clear that the brand would be operating within a niche market but there was good opportunity to fill a gap and build a strong customer base.

We ensured that the brand identity reflected the products’ classic elegance with a modern twist. The client describes his own design process as a meticulous crafting and we applied that same approach to a simple yet elegant typographic solution. The ecommerce website is clean and crisp, without any fancy frills – we allowed the product range to speak for itself. And with packaging the only physical touchpoint of the brand, we perfected the end-to-end customer experience with a sophisticated and tactile box that echoes the craftsmanship that goes into the products – perfect also for gifting.


Ette + Harr was launched in November 2017. With the marketing tools we provided, and supported by social media channels, the client is now able to build brand awareness, connect directly with the target market and, most importantly, generate sales.

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