Creating a new lighting brand for the IoT age Interact

How do you rebrand a much-loved heritage company as a ‘challenger brand’ that embraces new technology?

In 2018 Philips Lighting reinvented itself as Signify and adopted a ‘house of brands’ strategy – with its new Interact brand focusing on smart connected lighting solutions built on an Internet of Things (IoT) platform.

We helped to create a universal graphic language and marcom toolkit for Interact, telling visual stories, making the complex simple, to explain the benefits of systems designed for the smart connected world.


Philips Lighting may have been built on the manufacturing of lightbulbs, but lighting today is very different than it was 120 years ago. Since 2015, the brand has been focusing on connected lighting systems and technology, which has led to the birth of Signify and Interact. But to make the new brand work, our client needed to create a simple brand language for the smart connected world.

Point 6 was asked to work with our client’s brand team and partner agency FutureBrand to help create a graphic brand language and Marcom toolkit for Signify’s radical new lighting vision. It was our deep understanding of their world that marked us out as an ideal branding partner.

How we’ve helped

  • Designed a set of relevant graphic icons that could be applied to any business vertical
  • Designed a set of software application icons that could be applied to any business vertical
  • Defined a unique illustration style with continuous lines and expressive use of colour
  • Performed brand desk checks to ensure correct, consistent use of new graphic language
  • Assisting in partner agency training and brand desk requests


We worked closely with our client to produce a suite of marketing materials. We created all key assets and formed a toolkit for agencies to use globally. We then assumed the role of joint brand guardian – assisting in partner agency training and brand desk requests.

Interact provides solutions across several business ‘verticals’: Office, City, Retail, Industry, Landmark, Sports, and Hospitality. Interact captures data insights that can be harnessed to create efficiencies, improve end-user experience, reduce costs, or make streets safer. Its powerful software solutions can work in tandem to form entire connected ecosystems.

Icon development

Why have three versions of a light bulb? Some brands create a large, sprawling visual language. Our mission was to keep it lean and create one set of graphic icons that could be applied to any business vertical. We designed for maximum flexibility – creating a universal language.

Software icons proved more challenging, as we needed to factor in topics like lighting scene management controlled by a smartphone – that would be equally relevant to a story about a city, retail, or office environment, making each icon recognisable while keeping it non-specific.


Using a continuous line style we brought scenes alive across all verticals – using simple visual storytelling to show the benefits of complex applications in action. We created characters and used colour to bring the focus back to the lighting.


Launched at Light+Building 2018, the world’s biggest trade lighting fair held biennially in Frankfurt, Germany, Signify outlined its new vision – ‘Light becomes a new intelligent language.’ Point 6 played a key role in the Interact brand briefing sessions for all EU agencies involved in the rollout of this exciting new smart connected lighting proposition.

Point 6 combined their brand knowledge, creative skills and understanding of connected lighting to help us create a universal graphic language for Interact.

Merran Wrigley, Global Head of Marketing Communication and Transformation, Signify
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