Changing the perception of midwives and mums Philips Avent – Tiny Tummies

How we developed a handy visual aid to engage with healthcare professionals and reassure new mums about breastfeeding.

We worked closely with Philips Avent’s global marketing team to develop an engaging campaign which conveyed the brand’s dedication to the wellbeing of mums and babies.

We put into practice an insight-led approach which revolved around listening to the people who really matter – the mums and healthcare professionals. This allowed us to create marketing materials that appealed to the target audience, including an ingenious visual aid – Tiny Tummies – which was designed to encourage new mums to stick with breastfeeding for as long as possible.

How we’ve helped

  • Researched the target market
  • Conducted interviews with mums and midwives
  • Presented a thought-out, creative approach
  • Developed a suite of marketing materials for both HCPs and mums
  • Sourced suppliers
  • Altered the perception of midwives


It is not uncommon for new mums to struggle breastfeeding. This can lead to them feeling like they’re doing something wrong, which results in many giving up breastfeeding early. Research shows that around 40% of mums either never started or stopped breastfeeding within six months.

But ask any midwife and they’ll tell you breast is best. However, many women mistakenly believe that their breast milk supply is insufficient to sustain their baby, meaning they’ll turn to formula milk. We wanted to create a toolkit which would be a practical aid to both mums and healthcare professionals, while showing Philips Avent’s commitment to supporting new parents. 


We developed a suite of marketing materials for both the parents and the healthcare professionals, including breastfeeding diaries, help kits, product stands and posters. We challenged the original brief by insisting we carry out independent research which helped us determine the needs of people on the ‘front line’. These valuable insights informed us at each stage of the project.

As part of this campaign, we developed Tiny Tummies – a physical representation of the size of a baby’s stomach on day 1, day 3 and day 10. This made it really easy for midwives and healthcare professionals to reassure new parents that a mother’s milk is more than sufficient for the baby in the early stages.


The global advocacy programme was a huge success, in particular Tiny Tummies – with more than 6,000 bags produced and further rollouts planned due to popular demand. Midwives were initially sceptical of the involvement of a big company like Philips Avent, but were receptive to the open and genuine nature of our research and convinced by the fun and educational tools we produced. These marketing materials also helped to increase awareness and drive the commercial success of the Philips Avent breastfeeding range – including its new breast pump.

“The challenge was quite tough but they managed to create a professional toolkit which has been used by all our local sales organizations and has been highly appreciated by them. Not only is Point 6 a professional partner, it’s also a joy to work with them. Flexible, dedicated, quick and always with a smile. I can’t wait to start the next project!”

Sandra van Espen, Senior Campaign Manager, Philips Mother and Childcare

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