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As a supplier, how do you demonstrate complete immersion in your customers’ world and a real understanding of their issues and challenges?

Philips Lighting (now rebranded as Signify) always seeks to differentiate itself from the competition by finding a more meaningful way of communicating with its audience in every sector that it operates. In the fast-moving retail and fashion world, this can be particularly challenging.

Here’s how we worked with our client to position their brand as an industry leader that is not just sales-orientated but equally focused on understanding the issues and challenges customers face.


EuroShop is the world’s pre-eminent retail trade fair. Exhibiting at the fair, which is held every other year, is a golden opportunity to connect with the movers and shakers of the retail world. Philips Lighting knew that simply exhibiting its product range at EuroShop wasn’t enough. They needed to offer something beyond a standard sales pitch. Something that differentiated them from their competitors. They needed to present a more compelling story to visitors and to demonstrate that they understand the world in which the retail community exists – from visual merchandising to energy management.

How we’ve helped

  • Collaborated with client to plan the content
  • Conducted research and interviews with third parties
  • Copywriting, photography, design, and print production
  • Created the Smart Retail platform following magazine’s success
  • Help to deliver new, quality content on digital platform in ongoing partnership


Knowing we needed to take a very different approach, RetailScene was born – a magazine that explores the retail world, shares insightful stories, and looks at current and future trends. The product took a back seat and was only mentioned in the context of a story. No sales speak. No unnecessary technical details.

We worked closely and collaboratively with the client to plan the content and then created the magazine from beginning to end – research, interviews with third parties, writing, photography, design and print production. The success of the first issue led to a second and a decision was then made to go online, where content could be made more widely available.


RetailScene helped Philips Lighting in shifting its position from supplier to a reliable source of information and inspiration, a knowledgeable and trusted partner that can offer innovative solutions. Recognising its value, we subsequently worked with Philips Lighting to create the Smart Retail platform following the second issue of RetailScene, which is now used to deliver new and quality content.

By moving online, Philips Lighting has extended its audience reach and can build and nurture relationships with key decision makers. We can gain maximum value from the content by repurposing articles for sharing through social media, driving more traffic to the site. And the ability to analyse visitor behaviour on the Smart Retail Hub means that we can identify what visitors to the site really want to know and create more relevant content.

Feedback so far has been excellent. People are saying it’s a new way forward for Philips.

Charlotte Tol, MarCom Retail, Philips Lighting
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