Explaining clever tech inside next generation desk lamps Philips OcuMax

How we helped communicate complex technology that creates an immersive desk lighting experience.

Signify is the global giant when it comes to lighting, boasting a portfolio of market-leading brands and products. With its new technology – OcuMax – set to revolutionise home study through a range of Philips desk lamps, key messaging material and an engaging video were needed to show the innovation in action.

Here’s how we helped Philips, a Signify brand, launch OcuMax via a lifestyle video. The aim was to convince consumers of its value and present benefits in an easily digestible format. Our focus was on the East Asian market and parents keen to give their teenagers a better study experience – with desk lamp technology that eliminates glare, provides a comfortable level of light and promotes better posture.


OcuMax technology makes working at a desk more comfortable and productive. The challenge was to convey these benefits in a way that engaged its audience.

With a sophisticated system at work and a back-to-school deadline fast-approaching, we needed to perform a delicate balancing act. How could we highlight the impressive technological features that Philips was keen to emphasise, all while appealing to consumers from a lifestyle perspective?

How we’ve helped

  • Provided local market knowledge in China
  • Developed key messaging for a global toolkit
  • Created a detailed storyboard
  • Produced 3D renders and motion graphics
  • Creative direction for global launch video
  • Created work appropriate for first launch market

The video begins by highlighting the discomfort caused by traditional desk lighting.

3D renders show complex OcuMax technology in action.

The end of the video demonstrates the difference OcuMax makes to productivity and posture.


As a result of our targeted marketing content and global assets, Signify was armed with the tools to raise the profile of OcuMax technology. Our video helps parents clearly see how OcuMax greatly improves productivity and posture, and we delivered ahead of schedule to allow Signify to hit its tight deadline.

Watch the video in full

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