Creating a consumer-friendly surgical eye drops brand Rayner

How can a company best known for its eye surgery products launch a consumer-focused eye drops range?

Rayner, a leading manufacturer of intraocular lenses wanted to launch a complementary ‘over the counter’ eye drops range to support cataract patients, both before and after corrective eye surgery.

Here’s how we helped Rayner create a new brand plus a range of distinctive packs that stand out on-shelf and are clearly signposted as surgery-related and suitable for dry eye.


Well known in the specialist world of eye surgeons but unknown to consumers, how do you create a new brand and packs that communicate key benefits clearly to cataract patients, who are typically 70 years and older, both on-shelf and online? And how do you make it easily identifiable for pharmacists?

How we’ve helped

  • Researched the target market and category
  • Conducted qualitative interviews with patients
  • Developed a brand strategy to help ensure sales success
  • Created packaging designed to stand-out on shelf and online


Our client was enthusiastic about our evidence-based approach and keen to develop branding and packaging based on insights. Research with the key target group of patients and store visits informed our work. A crowded eye drops category with ‘a sea of blue’ and ‘eyes everywhere’ on packs, showed the opportunity for Rayner to ‘go out and claim’ the eye surgery subcategory. We validated the AEON name, developed its brand identity, then created packaging for bottles and packs, graphics and imagery, advised on print production and created AEON advertising templates.


Without researching and understanding how patients view colour, both before and after cataract surgery, our solution may well have been completely different. Based on key insights, we developed pack designs that are different, distinctive and unlike anything else, which should go a long way to helping ensure success in-store and online.

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