Branding a better alternative technology for breast cancer surgeons Sirius Medical

How do you persuade clinical experts ready for change that your new system is their best option?

From an idea born at the Netherlands Cancer Institute to a commercial reality. Inventor Bram Schermers devised a better system to locate tumours, without using radioactive isotopes – previously the most promising new technology approach. Driven by a mission to offer his safe, accurate, intuitive system globally at an affordable cost, he teamed up with co-founder Hubert Martens to form Sirius Medical. Noting that stars are also ‘born’, we began by creating the company mission statement: ‘Born to make thing better’, then did further research and gathered insights to inform our new branding work.


Create a stand-out brand position and system value proposition for a MedTech start-up that is focused on supporting precise and efficient breast cancer surgery. Their first product is a smart new idea designed to help breast cancer surgeons accurately locate and remove ‘hard to find’ tumours.

As a new player in a crowded market, and with several new systems competing to replace outdated methods, explaining the benefits was essential – notably the pinpoint accuracy and user-friendly nature of Sirius Medical’s magnetic seed and reusable probe system.

The Sirius team also shared a strong belief that new innovations should be affordable and that hospitals should get value for money, to ensure the healthcare system stays as sustainable as possible – as typically healthcare costs globally are out of control. Marketing Director Jan Willem Beijer: “We’re thinking about the next generation – and we don’t want to break the healthcare system.”

How we’ve helped

  • Investigated the key target market and direct competitors to gain actionable insights
  • Created company and system value propositions
  • Created brand guidelines: visual identity, key messaging, copy tone of voice
  • Translated the branding work into the first set of globally usable assets
  • Built a launch website, plus digital assets including video


To ensure we would create a relevant and memorable brand and system story, we first met, interviewed and surveyed breast cancer surgeons in the UK, the Netherlands, plus an international group in Spain, gathering insights and then testing initial ideas. Based on clear preferences, we fine-tuned the system name, branding and sales materials, creating a logo, colour system and key messaging we knew would stand out and resonate with its audience.

System naming

Pinpoint accuracy and the ability to take an intuitive approach – the two key aspects most valued by surgeons were combined to create ‘Sirius Pintuition’, the system name. Its value proposition ‘It simply makes sense’ came as a direct result of a benefits analysis – which makes the Sirius system very compelling for its key audiences.

The Sirius ‘Trace’ graphic

The logo graphic – that mimics the intuitive journey the surgeon takes, using the probe, to accurately pinpoint the seed – was developed into a set of communication graphics, then animated for use on the company’s website, social media posts, and videos.


Ahead of the commercial launch in 2020, Sirius Medical launched the system and new brand at the Den Bosch Mama Conference 2019, in the Netherlands. In summer 2020 the company received its long-awaited CE mark – opening the door to Europe as a stepping stone to audiences worldwide.

With interest high among breast cancer surgeons looking for a better alternative, we’re confident that Sirius Medical will achieve their aim to become a breast surgeon’s preferred choice.

Sirius Pintuition system – how it works

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