The Creative Waffle roundup: part 1

Earlier this year, the now-legendary Point 6 Creative Waffle was conceived. Pairing chit-chat with churros and gossip with ginger biscuits, we encouraged sweet talk with a table full of sweet treats. (Although now we’re all working remotely, the sugar hit is optional.)

Our team gather together once a fortnight to share and delight in our favourite creative finds. From thought-provoking exhibitions to personal passion projects, nothing is off limits. Even a global pandemic couldn’t stop us. We moved it online, battling frozen screens and robot voices to enthuse about all the things that have inspired us.  

And now, we’re bringing the magic of waffling to our blog. So, here’s the first in our series of Creative Waffle roundups, a collection of the very-best mentions over the past few weeks…

Photo from Bubble Street Gallery

Inspiring illustrations

Senior Designer Em indulged us with the weird and wonderful world of illustrator Daniel Merriam. Accompanied by the disclaimer ‘there is no greater amusement park than the imagination itself’ (he’s clearly never been to Alton Towers), his dreamlike scenes merge steampunk eccentricity with modern-day surrealism.  

Photo from Microsoft

Gaming for the win

Combining educational medicine with game design, Level Ex builds video games that medical students can play to help them with their craft. Not for your average Jane, players can diagnose heart disease, remove foreign objects, and perform biopsies all at the tap of a screen. Gulp — thanks to Creative Artworker Sophia for this one!

On a more light-hearted note, Creative Artworker Helen shared the news that the ubiquitous Animal Crossing has teamed up with Hellman’s Canada to put its soaring reputation to good use. All players need to do is drop off spoilt turnips to Hellman’s Island and, in return, the major retailer will donate a meal to a Californian food rescue charity. So, can you now justify that three-hour stint playing the game in your PJs on your sofa without moving? Yes, yes you can.

Photo from Minor Figures

Big up branding

We’re big fans of alternative milk here at Point 6. We’re also big fans of fun brands. And Minor Figures certainly ticks those boxes! The London-based start-up is stirring up a cult following, catching the eye of our very own Studio Assistant Carolien.

With a focus on creating 100% plant-based products that ‘help more people enjoy better coffee’, Minor Figures also sell cold brew coffee drinks and premium ground coffee. Plus, thanks to their standout branding featuring charming illustrations, they have now dipped into apparel. We love this cheeky T-shirt!

Photo from The Modern House

Sliding into social

Sometimes our Waffles have themes, and this particular week’s theme was social media. Our Senior Designer Rita shared It’s Nice That, an Instagram account that has been ‘championing creativity since 2007’. Displaying a curated feed full of wonder, check it out to see inspiring art, illustration, photography, exhibitions — you name it.

If the words ‘Estate Agent’ fill you with dread, you’re not alone. But Design Director Antoine’s contribution might give you food for thought. The Modern House is a design-led estate agent, putting the focus squarely onto the interior design of the houses they sell. How? With beautifully shot photos that highlight the very best features. A great addition to your Instagram feed, but beware – jealousy may ensue.

And speaking of social media, do you follow us on Instagram? There you’ll find our latest homage to Creative Waffle in the form of a snazzy animation. Have a suggestion for something we could discuss next time? Let us know!

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