The Creative Waffle roundup: part 2

Earlier this year, the now-legendary Point 6 Creative Waffle was conceived. Pairing chit-chat with churros and gossip with ginger biscuits, we encouraged sweet talk with a table full of sweet treats. (Although now we’re all working remotely, the sugar hit is optional.)

Check out our latest roundup of our most exciting creative finds. But first, make sure you’ve seen part one!

Image by Heart

A weekend with Terry

Ever wanted to feel like you’re a segment of Chocolate Orange?

Honestly? No, not really. But after Managing Director Sally alerted us to the fact that La Roserie ski resort in France has created a chocolate-orange themed room as a Christmassy getaway, it does look pretty tempting!

With baubles swapped for chocolate oranges and a personalised stocking full of the stuff above your bed, we can only the imagine the heavenly scent you would experience as you enter the room. Of course, the likelihood of you overdoing it and never eating the festive treat ever again is high. But would it be worth it? A resounding yes.

Image by Camden News Journal

June’s legacy

Situated a stone’s throw from the Point 6 office, Kilburn recently hit the headlines thanks to this giant mural of long-time resident June Rose Barber.

Having lived in the area for 50 years, it seems fitting to paint a huge portrait of the 86-year old as part of the London Mural Festival. Brought to life by Smug 1 of the Global Art Collective, the artwork was something of a surprise to June. “I’ve lived through the war. And no one stays here forever. Although I’m not so sure about that now with this bloody wall.”

It won’t be there forever, but it will for the next two years, so once our team are allowed to return to the office we’ll certainly make the trip to see it. Thanks to Senior Designer Em for sharing this one!

Image by Sophia Clark

Unbee-lievable illustrations

It goes without saying that we’re bursting at the seams with talent here at Point 6. And Creative Artworker Sophia’s insect Inktober illustrations are just one example of our team’s extra-curricular activities.

Created back in 2009 by Jake Parker, Inktober runs throughout the month of October every year as a challenge to create one illustration every day.

Brimming with beautiful patterns and iridescent colours, each of Sophia’s inkings comes with a fun fact about the insect. Did you know the Luna moth only lives for a week and has no mouth? Or that the Large Blue Butterfly likes to shack up with a nest of red ants? Rather them than us…

Image by CNN

Period positivity

As a collaboration with Swedish brand Intimina, Pantone have released a new shade of red called ‘Period’ to try and ‘break the stigma around menstruation and promote period positivity.’

Shared by Creative Artworker Helen, this welcome news comes at a time when an ad for period underwear company ModiBodi was banned for it’s depiction of period blood, and a woman in Wales was unable to buy tampons during lockdown restrictions because Tesco classed them as non-essential. So unfortunately, the stigma around periods is still very much a barrier. Hats off to Pantone for using creativity to promote a just cause.

Image by The Guardian

Putting a stamp on their scars

As part of breast cancer awareness month, and as a nod to breast cancer surgery pioneers Sirius Medical, we held a Creative Waffle in honour of all the people afflicted with this terrible disease.

Creative Artworker Sophia shared this awe-inspiring article about warrior women who have had tattoos over their mastectomy scars. Facing breast cancer is not only a fight for your life, but also for your identity as a woman. Although having a mastectomy – surgery to remove one or both breasts – can be life-saving, it can also be a devastating blow to the sufferer’s perception of their femininity. Tattooing over the scar is some women’s way of taking back control.

This beautiful quote from Sarah B sums it up. ‘Every day I had to face the raw truth of what happened to me in the mirror. Now, my body art is something beautiful to look at.’

Have a suggestion for something we could discuss next time? Let us know!

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